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โ€œGood and honest customer service, which emphasizes

on quality and craftsmanshipโ€


Our goal is to be a quality conscious company with a high level of service that delivers quality work at the right price.

In order to ensure continued existence and development for our profession, it is our objective to always deliver quality work that meets our customer's expectations according to the terms of the agreement.

At Ulrik Nygaard Cranes we always make sure to comply with agreed terms and delivery times.
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We keep track of your statutory service inspections.

12 months and 10 years of inspection is a legal requirement according to the Executive Order from the Labor Inspectorate, but for many companies it can be time consuming to keep track of. We undertake to manage all the inspections that are necessary both according to the labor inspectorate but also according to the requirements of the crane in question in order to maintain the guarantee obligation from the crane supplier.

We can act both as consultants on all service inspections and provide the service technicians needed for a agreed hourly rate, as well as providing the spare parts to be replaced, all at the agreed time and place.

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Many of our tasks are consultant tasks to find the right mobile or port crane.

It is important to identify the need and requirements for a new crane, many cranes can do the same and more, but it is not only the price that is crucial for a purchase. We uncover your specific needs by asking the right questions this will allow us to find the right crane for you, whether it is a new crane or a used crane that is located somewhere in Denmark or the EU.

Everyone has a budget that must be kept when purchasing new equipment, we find the equipment you need at a fixed price based on a predetermined task , we have contacts with the supplier of most known crane brands and also have contacts to many crane owners who would like to change but first want to get rid of their used cranes.

Contact us for a talk about the needs you may have and we can make a fixed agreement before we start.

Crane Sales

With many years of experience we can advise you whether it is for the purchase or sale of ports and mobile cranes.

Our contact network enables us to match sellers and buyers very quickly, we have our finger on the pulse and constantly have inquiries from both buyers and sellers of mobile cranes and port cranes.

We know from experience that most before buying new or replacing a crane would like to get rid of their current stock, excess stock is important to get sold to strengthen companies' liquidity, whether it is used or new stock you want to procure for the company.

We help with the assessment of the old cranes and likewise if it is a purchase we assess whether a purchase price is realistic and make sure all parties make a good deal.

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